About Barbara Comstock

From Wikipedia:

Comstock began her congressional career as an intern for Senator Ted Kennedy. After working as a lawyer in private practice, Comstock served from 1991-1995 as a senior aide to Congressman Frank Wolf. Comstock then served as chief investigative counsel and senior counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform from 1995 to 1999.[7]

Comstock worked on behalf of the 2000 presidential campaign of George W. Bush. Her research team built massive stores of paper and electronic data, known as “The Gore File,” that were a key source of information on the former vice president for GOP publicists and ad-makers.[7] Comstock is credited with writing the Republican “playbook” defending Bush nominees such as John Ashcroft forU.S. Attorney General.[7] Comstock later served as director of public affairs for the Justice Department from 2002 to 2003.[8]

Comstock’s work in opposition research for the Republican National Committee has been praised as “meticulous and thorough,” with her research being “one of the most successful parts of the RNC in 2000.”[7] Former Solicitor GeneralTheodore Olson has said, “She is tireless. She has an encyclopedic mind and damn good judgment. Those qualities are at a real premium in Washington.”[9]

Comstock has been described by critics such as journalist David Brock as a “very smart lawyer by training”[10] and maintains friendships crossing the political divide. Democratic consultant Donna Brazile said in a 2005 interview, “I’ve had my [political] battles with Barbara, and won some and lost some. But either way, she has kept her smile and her wit.”[9]

Comstock assisted the defense teams of both I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby[5] and former House Majority LeaderTom DeLay.[11] In 2005, Comstock was hired by Dan Glickman to lobby on behalf of the Motion Picture Association of America.[12]

Comstock was a consultant on the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney and is also a consultant to the Workforce Fairness Institute, which opposes the Employee Free Choice Act.[13] She also serves as Co-Chair of the Executive Committee of the Susan B. Anthony List.[14]

Comstock voted for legislation which would have mandated external ultrasounds before abortions, in order to date the gestation period of the fetus.[15] Comstock also supported amending HB 30 – 2010-2012 Biennium Budget to limit state-funding for abortion services.[16]

After being reelected in 2013, she was named the Chairwoman of the House Science And Technology Committee.